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Cover of nature journal The Millennium Simulation
The largest N-body simulation ever carried out containing over 10 billion particles, which is helping Virgo scientists further understand the development of the universe Click here to read more

Downloadable data::

Public Release of N-body simulation and related data by the Virgo Consortium
Download page for publicly available N-Body simulation data

Millennium Simulation Database
Semi-analytic galaxy catalogues based on the models of Bower et al. (2006) and De Lucia & Blaizot (2007) are available in the form of a database which can be accessed by submitting SQL queries over the web. Access to the full dataset requires registration. However, there is a smaller version of the database based on the "Milli-millennium" simulation. This uses exactly the same physical model and parameters as the Millennium simulation but it has a smaller volume and can be used without registration. Mirrors of the database exist at two sites:

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