The Virgo Consortium

The VIRGO Project

Dark matter distribution of GIF

Dark matter distribution of GIF boxes of four different cosmologies (z=3, 2, 1, and 0).


The VIRGO project consists of four different cosmological models which were simulated in large boxes. The simulations contain 17-million particles each and represent different cosmological models. The calculations were done by the parallel version of AP3M N-body code on two large Cray T3D parallel supercomputers at the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center and at the Computing Centre of the Max Planck Society in Garching.

Projected mass distributions

Projected mass distributions in slices of 3 different redshifts for each model. Thus this picture shows the time evolution of structures along the horizontal sequence in each model as well as the model difference at the same epoch along the vertical sequence.


The initial paper for “The VIRGO Project” has been published as Jenkins et al. 1998. For more information please visit MPA’s project description page or contact Adrian Jenkins.