The Virgo Consortium

The GIF Project

Dark matter distribution of GIF

Dark matter distribution of GIF boxes of four different cosmologies (z=3, 2, 1, and 0).


The GIF (Germany and Israel Foundation) project was a joint effort of astrophysicists from Germany and Israel. Scientists involved in the GIF project combined the large high-resolution N-body simulations with semi-analytical models to study formation and evolution of galaxies.

The simulations include detailed phenomenological modelling of gas cooling, of star formation, of stellar population evolution, of feedback from massive stars and supernovae, and of galaxy merging. In some cases, chemical evolution of the interstellar medium of galaxies and of the hot intergalactic medium is also included.

A slice of GIF

A slice of thickness 8 Mpc/h through the whole simulation box (which is 85 Mpc/h on a side). The colours now denote the B-V colours of the galaxies, ranging from red for ellipticals to blue for irregulars.


The initial paper for “The GIF Project” has been published as Kauffmann et al. 1999. For more information please visit MPA’s project description page or contact Guinevere Kauffmann.