The Virgo Consortium

The GIMIC Project

GIMIC simulation

GIMIC simulates clusters, galaxies and IGM.


GIMIC (Galaxy-Intergalactic Medium Interaction Calculatio) pioneered the use of zoomed initial conditions as a means to enable relatively expensive hydrodynamical simulations to sample a range of cosmic environments similar to that probed by low-redshift galaxy surveys such as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS).

It also demonstrated that the large-scale cosmic environment (physical scales > 1 Mpc) impacts only upon the number density of galaxies; at fixed mass, the properties of galaxies are similar across all large-scale environments.

GIMIC followed regions

GIMIC followed regions embedded in the Millennium Simulation.


The initial paper for “The GIMIC Project” has been published as Crain et al. 2009. For more information and relevant publications please visit Robert Crain’s project description page or contact Robert Crain.