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The Auriga Project

A sample of Auriga galaxies

A sample of Auriga galaxies.


The Auriga Project is a large suite of high-resolution magneto-hydrodynamical simulations of Milky Way-sized galaxies, simulated in a fully cosmological environment by means of the ‘zoom-in’ technique. It is simulated with the state-of-the-art hydrodynamic moving mesh code AREPO, and includes a comprehensive galaxy formation model based on the successful cosmological simulation Illustris.

An important ste""p towards our understanding of galaxy formation is to simulate successfully the formation and evolution of Milky Way mass, disc galaxies in a fully cosmological context. From a cosmological perspective, Milky Way mass disc galaxies are of particular interest because they lie between the low and high mass regimes thought to be dominated by supernova and active galactic nuclei (AGN) feedback,respectively, and are therefore ideal targets to test the models of feedback designed to reproduce whole galaxy populations.

Movie showing the evolution of one of the simulations from very high redshift to present day. The movie fades between dark matter density, gas density, stars, metallicity and magnetic field strength. In the last of these, field lines indicate the directions of the magnetic field.


The initial paper for “The Auriga Project” has been published as Grand et al. 2016. For more information and relevant publications please visit MPA’s project description page or contact Robert Grand.