The Virgo Consortium

The FLAMINGO Project

2.8 Gpc slice

A projection through a 40 Mpc thick slice through the fiducial, intermediate-resolution simulation with box side length 2.8 Gpc. The luminosity of the background image gives the CDM surface density whilst the colour encodes the surface density of massive neutrinos.


The FLAMINGO project (Full-hydro Large-scale structure simulations with All-sky Mapping for the Interpretation of Next Generation Observations) aims to address the following shortcomings of existing cosmological simulations.

Observational cosmology based on measurements of the growth of large-scale structure is increasingly limited by the accuracy of theoretical predictions. The models that are compared with the data are nearly always based on dark matter only (DMO) simulations, though some allow for marginalization over expected baryonic effects associated with galaxy formation. However, baryonic effects become increasingly important as observations move to smaller scales, and may be considerably more complex than is assumed in the corrections applied to DMO simulations.

Hydrodynamical simulations can in principle help resolve this issue, but they tend to use volumes that are too small to study large-scale structure, they often do not reproduce the relevant observables, and/or they do not include model variations that cover the relevant parameter space.


Two method papers for “The FLAMINGO Project” have been submitted: Schaye et al. 2023 and Kugel et al. 2023. For more information and relevant publications please visit Leiden’s project description page or contact Joop Schaye.