The Virgo Consortium

Millennium Project — Data

Slice through the density field

A 15 Mpc/h thick slice through the density field at redshift z = 0.


The halo and subhalo data from two Millennium Simulations together with all the galaxies that form within these structures for several generations of galaxy formation models from both MPA and ICC have been made public through databases at Durham and MPA Garching.

The databases have a Structured Query Language (SQL) query interface, and allow return of the data in a number of formats. This allows easy access to many properties of the galaxies and halos, as well as to the spatial and temporal relations between them. There are two databases, one openly accessible with volume 1/512 of the full simulation (‘milli-Millennium’), and one for the full simulation. The latter requires an account. Once the queries needed for your project have been developed and tested using the milli-Millennium databases, this account can be requested by e-mail.

The initial data release for “The Millennium Project” is documented in Lemson et al. 2006. For information on how to obtain these data please visit Durham’s or MPA’s database page or contact Volker Springel.