The Virgo Consortium

The EAGLE Project

A slice through the simulation volume

A slice through the simulation volume, with the intergalactic gas colour coded from blue to green to red with increasing temperature.


EAGLE (Evolution and Assembly of GaLaxies and their Environments) is a suite of cosmological, hydrodynamical simulations aimed at understanding how galaxies form and evolve. The largest simulation models the formation of structures in a volume of 100 Megaparsecs on a side (over 300 million light-years). This is large enough to contain 10,000 galaxies of the size of the Milky Way or larger. Smaller volumes have been modeled with different subgrid models for unresolved physical processes and/or higher resolution.

The evolution of structure in a 25 Mpc version of the EAGLE simulation. Color indicates temperature and intensity indicates gas density.


The initial papers for “The EAGLE Project” have been published as Schaye et al. 2015 and Crain et al. 2015. For more information and relevant publications please visit Durham’s or Leiden’s project description page or contact Joop Schaye.