The Virgo Consortium

The APOSTLE Project

Evolution of gas density

Evolution of gas density (red colours) and stellar density (blue colours) in a comoving volume of side length 150 × 200 kpc/h.


The APOSTLE (A Project Of Simulating The Local Environment) began as an offshoot of the EAGLE collaboration.

It was started by Till Sawala, Carlos Frenk, Azadeh Fattahi and Julio Navarro in 2013, and has now grown to a large international collaboration. To date, more than 35 papers based directly on APOSTLE data have been written by more than 30 different co-authors from Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Finland, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

dark matter substructures with the stellar light

The two panels contrast the vast number of dark matter substructures (left) with the stellar light distribution (right) in a 2 Mpc cube.


The initial papers for “The APOSTLE Project” have been published as Sawala et al. 2015 and Fattahi et al. 2016. For more information please visit Durham’s project description page or contact Till Sawala or Azadeh Fattahi.